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We care about every detail.
Even the ones you can’t see.

The app as a medium is pretty new. 5 years ago there was barely an app industry, and smartphone penetration was still fairly low. Novasa, meanwhile, has been at it for quite a while.

This year, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary, and while the technology has evolved at a rapid pace since our humble beginnings, our basic values have remained the same throughout: always seeing the product through the eyes of the user and not settling for anything less than perfection.

Our commitment to exceptional interaction design remains the same as well. 10 years ago we had to create our own fonts to avoid the travesties supplied as standard; today we create our own interface-libraries to offer more engaging and satisfying user experiences.

But the goal has remained the same. To marry technology and design in order to offer a user experience that supports the mission of our clients; whether it is to entertain and delight, or if it’s to just do its thing and get out of the way.


A good ending depends on a good beginning.

Creating complex apps is hard. It requires the very best from multiple very different diciplines: the best project managers, the best knowledge and talent for graphics and user interface design and the best engineers for developing the code.

But even with the best talent, it won’t matter if you don’t fundamentally understand your users needs and your business objectives, so that you can create a product that users will actually use in addition to underscoring and enhancing your business strategy.

It requires critical thinking and analysis to distil ideas and visions into project scopes that will result in successful apps. Often, less really is more, and unfocused functionality will make your app seem less cohesive and usable.

Project management is also key. With us, you will have one point of contact throughout. You will meet the entire team, but in day to day dealings, you just need to talk to the project manager.

Your project manager will make a detailed plan for deliveries and keep you up to taps with everything. If you like, you can even get access to our project management tool, so that you can keep track of the progress in action.

IT Operations

Trusted and reliable hosting and support for your product.

Novasa offers its clients world-class IT operation services, ensuring that your app and service is available and responsive 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Part of this service is continous, automated surveilance of your systems. If a problem is detected, such as unresponsiveness. Our support team will step in and address the issue.

In addition, customers gain access to our phone support hotline, which is open every day from 8-21.

When you call us, you will talk to an engineer capable of understanding your product and its unique complexities. That way, we can quickly analyze the problem, and resolve the issue.

We take our responsibility extremly serious, which means that we will go great lengths to ensure that your services and app is safe with us.

Please use the contact form to get in touch, and hear more about how we ca assist you.

Selected references

Presentor is a beautiful sales tool for iPad that syncs automatically with an intuitive admin system.

Presentor is the best way to present your company’s products and services at sales meetings. The solution consists of a beautiful presentation app for iPad with your brand, and an intuitive admin system from which the marketing department can control the content and track usage.

It ensures that all sales agents have the latest material while making your presentations smoother and more professional and engaging.

Presentor is offered as a fully hosted subscription service.

Go to Presentor.net

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