About us

Throughout our history, our fundamental philosophy around product development has never changed.

Focus on usability and design, and hard work to make technology take a back seat has been part of our DNA since the beginning. A practice that assumes that a good solution is a solution with as little friction as possible, where the user never gets lost.

Creating digital products that are so user-friendly that users ignore the technical complexities requires hard work and a relentless focus on the user. It is quite easy to let larger projects go to the point of being able to click off functions on an Excel sheet - ensuring a high level of user-friendliness and finesse requires stubborn persistence. It is this focus that we have made one of our core values for more than 19 years.

Novasa consists of a team of about 10 designers, app and backend developers who are all passionate about making products that users will love.

History time

Join us on a little look back through our more than 19 years.


Hooray! Novasa is founded by Jesper Schläger and Anders Hedegren. In the first few years, Novasa is primarily a game developer with a focus on the new mobile phones with color screens from brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola.

However, selling your games in the era before iPhone and Android requires agreements with hundreds of sales channels worldwide. Unfortunately, they weren't always good at paying their bills. That's why we quickly decide to make our own app store, so we can be sure of getting our money.



Apps are starting to gain ground. Back then, we didn't call them apps, though. In fact, we don't have a good word for what we do, other than “mobile software”. In the following years, we will create a number of ambitious apps, primarily for foreign customers, from Canada and the United States to South Africa. Among other things. we make one of the first VoIP telephony apps as well as a South African social media app.

The possibilities for creating beautiful user interfaces are limited, and most apps these days look like spreadsheets. However, we press on with innovations such as bitmap fonts with dynamic kerning and animations. Today it may seem trivial, but back then it was groundbreaking to have real fonts in a mobile app.



The year before, Apple launches the iPhone. A revolutionary phone, but it has one big problem - no possibility to install third-party software. How dare they? Apple makes up for the mistake in the following year with the iPhone 3G and the App Store.

As Apple geeks, Novasa already has several apps in development before the App Store's launch, and we can immediately tell that this is going to change everything. iPhone feels like a true computing platform where anything is possible. In the following years, as one of Europe's only iPhone developers, we make a large number of apps for customers all over the world - from Belgium to South Africa and Australia. Several of them jump directly onto the download chart.



Novasa gets its first big, well-known client when Copenhagen Airports decides to let us develop their iPhone app. We approach the task with awe. This was followed by a long collaboration that has now spanned more than 12 years. Along the way, in addition to the regular passenger app, we make an app for Chinese tourists with machine translation of signs, as well as an advanced enterprise solution from which employees at the airport can handle a myriad of functions.

In the following years, we develop apps for some of Denmark's leading companies


2011 - 2014

Novasa works with a multitude of clients - some small some large. We make everything from Momondo's first iOS and Android apps, several dating apps and a meat scanner that can calculate the fat percentage in minced meat.

In 2013, we will launch an iPad app for Georg Jensen, to be used as a catalog in their retail stores. With an associated web-based CMS, this becomes Presentor, which over the next few years develops into an advanced sales platform that gives sellers a beautiful, branded app with all their presentations and documents.

This turns out to be a success that attracts customers such as TDC, Danfoss, NKT and Pharmacosmos over the following years.

2011 - 2014

2015 - nu

The app has become a mature medium, and increasingly our work consists of providing complete solutions - from concept, design, app development as well as the backend solutions that make it all work.

During this period, we launch, among other things, a completely new version of CPH Airport, based on a home feed with all the passenger's pertinent details.

We relaunch REMA 1000's app with the option of ordering and delivering groceries. Unlike the competitors, however, this takes place by crowdsourcing the delivery tasks to other users. Before the launch, it is an open question whether there are people who want to order goods delivered by orginary people, and whether there are people willing to deliver goods for other users. The answer, it turns out, is a resounding yes, and REMA 1000 is today a major player in the grocery delivery market. All of this is built from scratch by Novasa.

2015 - nu

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