We are specialists in developing complex and rock solid app solutions that are completed by an exceptional user experience.

We have always had an almost naive belief in the app as the central hub between people and companies and authorities. We have proven time and time again that the best sales channel is often the one that is always in the customer's pocket.

To achieve those results, we focus both on a design-driven approach to product development as well as well-planned technical solutions.


Our methodology is the result of over 19 years of work with innovative solutions at a high level, as well as hundreds of launches.



We explore the problems or challenges that your product seeks to solve in a collaborative and exploratory process. Often, the end result of this work is a kind of specification that describes the product´s characteristics, creative goals, so that there is clarity about the goals for further work.



Our design process springs from the concept work, and seeks to find creative and effective ways to solve the objectives. At the same time, we have an ambition to create user experiences that challenge the boundaries and exceed the users´ expectations. This is only acheived by having a critical approach to one´s own work.



We are specialists in developing native apps for iOS and Android. Our development process is based on the well-known SCRUM methodology, which ensures a stable and well-planned development process, where unforeseen challenges can be taken care of on an ongoing basis.


Quality assurance and launch

Our quality assurance process includes both automated tests as well as manual tests on all relevant hardware devices. A focus on quality assurance has been proven to pay off in the form of savings on customer service after launch.


Adaptation to technological developments has always been a central part of our work. Very few of the technologies we use today existed when we started. Therefore, we constantly adapt to developments.

However, our preference is always to use the technologies that result in the best products. It´s fine with solutions that save development time, but not if they come at the expense of the quality of the final product

Native iOS development

Development of iPhone apps takes place in the programming language Swift (and Objective-C for legacy apps). We are among the most experienced iOS developers in Europe, with experience within the platform since its foundation. If you want the absolute best result and the optimal integration between hardware and software, then native development is the right choice.

Native Android development

Android apps are developed in the programming language Kotlin (and Java for legacy apps). We have developed Android apps since the launch of the first Android device in Denmark, and are behind some of the most downloaded and used apps in this country.

Backend development

Solid backends are what bring our solutions to life. We develop heavy and stable solutions in several of the most widely used languages, such as PHP/Laravel.

Cross-platform development

Write the app once and build it for all platforms. That´s what cross-platform environments like React Native offer. We offer cross-platform development with one basic goal: that the solutions we create must look and feel as if they were made 100% natively. New frameworks such as Kotlin Mobile Multiplatform (KMM) enables us to achieve this goal better than ever before.

Operation and hosting

We offer our customers a world-class operations and support service, so you can be sure that your digital product is available and responsive 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Part of this service is our ongoing, automated monitoring of your system. If a problem is detected, such as slow response time, our support team will step in and address the problem pre-emptively.

In addition, our customers gain access to our support hotline, which is open every day of the week from 8 - 21.

When you call us, you will get to speak with a developer who understands your product and its unique complexities. This way, we ensure that we can quickly analyze the problem and implement the necessary solutions.

We take our responsibility very seriously, which means that we go to extreme lengths to ensure that your app and service are in safe hands with us.\ nContact us and hear more about how we can help you.

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