Businesses with regular customer clientele achieve great benefits with an app-based solution.

If you have to boil down the app format´s main advantages, the most obvious ones are the fact that you always have your mobile with you, and that apps can generally offer a degree of user-friendliness and finesse that is difficult to replicate on the mobile web. Therefore it also goes without saying that shopping solutions that depend on a high degree of ease and a loyal customer base, perform particularly well in apps. In Copenhagen Airport's app, CPH Airport, we have optimized ordering parking at the airport, so that choosing a date, parking facility and payment involves as little friction as possible. This has meant a doubling of sales through the app compared to the previous, web-based solution. The convenience means that the customer, instead of postponing an order to a later time for when they are sitting at their computer, choose to complete the order immediately via the app. Same results have been applied to other solutions, whether it is ordering groceries via REMA 1000 or buying a car wash with EasyCarWash. The less friction, the more likely customers are to complete the purchase.

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