With Akut Barn, doctors and nurses get a helping hand when sick or injured children need treatment.

Even for the experienced doctor or nurse, the correct treatment of children may require searching for information about medication and procedures, as the instructions vary depending on age and weight.

This is where AkutBarn comes into the picture. The app is as simple as it is valuable in everyday life. The clinician can quickly select the child's age and weight, and then get clear and distinct information about the right emergency treatment based on the patient's size and age.

In the latest version, the data has also been expanded considerably, so that the app offers a large number of additional emergency conditions such as burns and poisonings.

Novasa designed and developed the app for iOS and Android in close collaboration with senior doctors from Rigshospitalet. In addition, we developed a backend system which ensures that data in the app can be updated continuously, without submitting an update to the app. All data is automatically synchronized and cached, so the app is also available offline - an important parameter in hospitals where mobile coverage is not always ideal.

Although download numbers for a specialist app like this can rarely compare to commercial apps, AkutBarn has reached an impressive penetration in Danish emergency rooms, children's wards and general practices.

Our work

  • Design
  • Backend
  • iOS app
  • Android app



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