EasyCarWash is a ground-breaking service that makes it possible to subscribe to car washes from a number of independent operators.

Buying ongoing services in subscription form is currently gaining ground in many industries. One of these is within car washes, where more and more consumers choose to subscribe to car washes rather than pay on a per-use basis.

This not only gives the provider attractive, ongoing income, it also leads to big savings for consumers who wash more than once per month.

That was the main foundation behind the development of EasyCarWash, an innovative marketplace from the world's largest manufacturer of car wash systems, Germany's WashTec.

EasyCarWash, in all its simplicity, means that car wash providers can include their car washes in the app, from which customers can subscribe. The relationship with the subscriber is owned by the provider, and all revenue goes directly to the provider outside of WashTec.

Providers can monitor their business via an admin system, and even change the appearance of the app when users use their service.

To develop this solution, WashTec went to Novasa, who was responsible for the whole cake - from visual identity to UX design and development of apps for iPhone and Android as well as backend.

The result is a solution that manages to hide its inner complexity by being extremely simple to use for both customers and providers. The service is available throughout the world and is continuously expanding to new areas.

Providers on the ECW platform see increased revenue and very little subscriber churn, and customers don't have to think about it at all once the app is installed. They simply drive up to the car wash, let a camera read their license plate, and then let the wash start.

Our work

  • Visual Identity
  • Design
  • Backend
  • iOS app
  • Android app



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