There is no shortage of electricity price apps these days. Most of them are just not very good. Therefore, Jysk Energi saw a need for an app with a world-class user experience.

Electricity prices may have fallen a little again, but the need to follow prices and plan consumption accordingly is still enormous. The energy crisis has taught us all that electricity prices can fluctuate extremely during the day.

The great demand for electricity price apps has resulted in a wide range of options. Unfortunately, most apps are just not very good. Some are hobby projects, without any focus on the user experience, and others are well designed and elaborate, but filled with advertising and with most important functions behind paywalls.

That is why Jysk Energi decided to challenge the market with Ello - a new app, that offers everything electricity customers could want: spot prices down to hourly level with history and display of the household's real consumption in kWh and kroner. The latter requires the user to log in with MitID and connect their electricity meter. Ello then pulls consumption data directly from Energinet, and shows the correct consumption figures.

A major advantage of Jysk Energi's position as one of Denmark's large, regional electricity companies is their in-depth knowledge of the electricity market. This has been an invaluable advantage in the close collaboration between Jysk Energi and Novasa, and has resulted, among other things, in Ello's calculations, unlike the many hobby apps, being fully validated by veterans in the Danish electricity industry.

The app's user interface itself is developed natively for iOS and Android, but shares a cross-platform Kotlin Mobile Multiplatform core, in which all logic related to electricity prices and consumption calculations resides. In this way, the integration with Energinet only had to be done once for both platforms.

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