REMA 1000 med Vigo

With an ingenious sharing economy concept, REMA 1000 makes it possible to have fresh groceries delivered throughout Denmark.

Online grocery shopping is growing in popularity, and for good reasons. It´s a convenient solution in the busy lives of many consumers, and it makes shopping for groceries a matter of searching for the desired products instead of frantically browsing the crowded aisles.

But running an online supermarket is expensive. It requires strategically placed packing centers, hundreds of drivers and vans, as well as a complex logistics system.

REMA 1000 med Vigo, via a revolutionary solution, manages to offer better service than traditional online supermarkets with just a tailored backend and app.

When a customer shops at REMA 1000, the purchase task is offered in the app, after which other users can take on the task, make the purchase in a local REMA 1000 store, and deliver the goods to the customer.

The advantages are many: in addition to creating a source of income for thousands of buyers, a decentralized model offers great advantages in terms of shorter delivery times and the environmental impact. Unlike the competitors, the goods are not driven around for hours in a van before they finally reach the recipient. At the same time, the local grocery stores are supported and along with them the associated workplaces in the local communities, which thus become an important part of the solution.

Our task consisted continuing work on the early design concepts, as well as developing apps for iOS and Android, as well as the backend that drives the entire system.

Our work

  • Design
  • Backend
  • iOS app
  • Android app


REMA 1000

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