Presentor is a beautiful sales tool
for iPad that syncs automatically
with an intuitive admin system.
Whitelabel ready
The app is designed to be adapted to any visual identity. We'll transform the app to meet your brand guidelines with custom fonts, colours and logos, so that it looks and feels like it was developed from scratch for your company.
Easy-to-use admin system
You don't have to be a genious to use our hosted admin system. Simply drag in the files that you want to add from your desktop and setup access priviliges. It's as simple as that. You can also monitor usage and get up to date analytics.
Let your sales staff upload their own custom sales presentations via a network drive on their Mac or PC prior to important meetings.
Always up to date
The app automatically syncs the content, making sure that your sales staff always has the latest content stored locally for offline access. It all works transparently in the background.
Share files instantly
Why wait sending material to customers till after your meeting? The intuitive sharing feature lets your pick the content that the customer requests and send it instantly via e-mail.
Versatile file support
Presentor supports all the formats that you'll likely every need, including PDF, Microsoft Office and all modern video and photo formats. It even lets you embed web content, opening all sorts of possibilities for expansion.
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